Tuesday’s with The Seabrook Team

Another Tuesday another Café.

Today saw the team view a 2 bedroom Villa right in the middle of happening Highgate.

The location of the villa was ideal, right next to a refurbished Lincolns Café on the corner of Stirling and Lincoln Streets.

For those that are watching their weight, the temptation to have a LARGE piece of carrot cake or chocolate soufflé cake was ALMOST too much, but prevail they did.

The coffee and the selection of cakes, muffins and friands is one of the best and always has us heading back there for more.
Always a winner!


Tuesday’s with The Seabrook Team

Back to work for the New Year and out to view new listings!

After drooling over a wonderful new listing in Inglewood, the team dropped into 2nd Avenue Café for a chat about the property.

All enjoyed the coffee that is consistently good and the cakes/muffins and other goodies are always delicious.

Final inspections: what to expect


Expectations  can vary hugely between the buyer and seller during the final inspection process, here are a few helpful points to consider.

Buyers – unless you are purchasing a brand new home, you will only be expected to check all things that were in working order at the time of your offer, are in the same condition

Sellers – you will have problems if you have not kept the property in the same condition as at the time of the offer, to minimise disputes it’s in your best interest to maintain the property as it was when it was sold.

For more information, visit www.choosematt.com.au or http://www.facebook.com/MattSeabrookRealEstateExperience


Perks of being a First Home Buyer


According to the Department of Commerce, First Home Buyers in WA may be eligible for a grant from the Home Buyers Assistance Account, which provides up to $2,000 to reimburse some of the costs associated with purchasing a first home. The HBBA is a State Government initiative and is funded from the interest paid on real estate agents’ trust accounts. In addition to this grant, FHB also still have access to exemption from stamp duty on properties up to $430,000 (savings of up to $14,000). 

Marketing Your Home in a Quiet Market


We’ve launched the next part of our campaign with this month focusing on Marketing Your Home in a Quiet Market. We talk about how important the first week is, and how creating a well thought out plan for marketing your home can speak volumes about its future success. If you want to talk to us about how we can help market your home, call me on 0409 198 023 or visit www.stuartweston.com.au to book in an appointment.

Choose Matt Campaign

We’ve been quite busy at SWRE, but we’ve managed to find some time to launch the new Choose Matt and Choose Stuart campaigns. Each month we create and send out various marketing material providing buyers & sellers helpful tips. Keep an eye out for one to hit your letter box.

Should I renovate or sell.

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